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8 tips to starting a new band. SuperZero Top Tips

As we progress through this life, there is only one certainty....we are only here once. Many of us spend countless nights staring onto a stage watching a band live and live their dream, playing music and making people happy. Often we wonder, could I ever do that? Everything we do in life is a decision. That's it. A decision to do something or not. It should never be a decision based on if you can or not. Of course you can, you just have to figure it out. Like most things in life, everything can be learned to some degree. You may not be the next Jimi Hendrix, but there are plenty of average players that made it big. The most important piece to this is the band. When you see bands like Guns-n-Roses at the peak of their game you might just think how lucky they are, but you should look back at all the struggles it took to get there. When you hear of mega millionaires breaking up and splitting ways like Oasis, it's hard to fathom, until you have been in a band. Bands are hard. It's a marriage in some ways. You have to compromise, adjust and move forward. In the beginning band rehearsal is key. As a single member in the group, you should practice at home and come prepared and better week on week. Be ready with your parts and then work to connect live. Decide early on what type of band you want to be and work towards that goal. With SuperZero Music we decided early that we didn't care if people liked our rock music or not. We just wanted to play what we liked and hoped others would like it too. The idea of playing rock cover songs at a wedding would have been the death of us very early.

As things progressed things we difficult for us. It was unusual because we were just getting our groove and covid lockdown hit. We stayed diligent and rehearsed our way through it, but playing live gigs was a long lost goal. We wanted to record original songs. We want to cut a vinyl album and we want to play music festivals around the UK.

We were once those guys looking up on stage annoyed that it wasn't us, but now we are in a position to do so. As you think about your new journey there are 8 core things you can do to start a new rock and roll band.

  1. Put an ad out and find people. Vampr and joinmyband are both free and perfectly fine. No need to drop money to find other members. Most musicians are broke so paying for a listing is saved for studio musicians and bitcoin spammers.

  2. Be diligent in your search. Its tough at times. You may find that there is not a drummer in a 100 mile radius and the next week there are more drummers than you can handle.

  3. Don't be overly critical of everyones skill set. It doesn't matter. Everyone will get better and tighter, even you. Be more critical about attitude, belief, transportation and location . The music part will fall in line once you discover your groove

  4. Practice, write, practice, write, practice, write, practice you get the point.

  5. Record your music. Record while you rehearse, but also get to a studio and get the tracks down. Once you do, you will learn them even more and become even tighter and more confident for those live gigs.

  6. Market your band. check out superzeromusic on Instagram and Twitter. Build your socials, get a website, write a blog. Fill the airwaves with your band name and you will find gigs. This is the beginning of our SEO journey.

  7. Have fun and enjoy every moment. You are making something that will exist far beyond you so don't be the miserable musician who complains. It's all for the greater good. This is your legacy so try and enjoy the ride whether it's just a few pub gigs or a sold out arena.

  8. Sign up for our newsletter and we will let you know when we might be in your area. Until then...Let There Be Rock!!

Super Zero Music. Building our legacy through hard hitting, rock and blues.

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