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How lockdown changed us a people. Quarantine changed me!

Want to meet Saturday night, The Beehive, (Oct 15th)?

East London, Live Music Bromley by bow. London new live music! Up and coming bands

It's crazy to think that a pandemic would physically and mentally change our patterns for good. For me, I set new life goals that I had been putting off for 25 yrs. I changed jobs in Nov 2021 and joined the amazing journey of a start up I changed eating and drinking habits and I learned to value time with the people I love.

Along with a major family change, kids off to uni, long hair and a beard, I made another decision to spend all of my weekend hours on a side hustle. Don't misread the term, this is not a pointless Gary V hustle that sells your time & soul for cash. It's a side hustle that actually makes me a better person and better at my job.

My new side hustle gives me a massive stress release. It allows my brain to find a creative outlet and it gives me something to be very proud of. Importantly for me, It gives me something I can leave behind to my kids.

As some of you may know..... it's music. Right before lockdown I answered an ad and joined a band. I started out as the drummer, but took the chance and moved to lead vocals. I have never sang before, and didn't think I could. During lockdown I took weekend Zoom vocal lessons from the incredibly talented Ben Hellings and worked hard to learn the skill. It's still a work in progress, but it's definitely progress, but you be the judge with a listen and a follow ;-).

The craziest thing I have learned is about marketing in the music business. Holy crap, an industry that has unlimited supply and unlimited demand. It's full of crooks and broke musicians. An industry where building and

keeping a band is harder than marriage and where only .00000001% of the gazillions of musicians make any money but keep going because they love it. It's too bad so many IG and Fiverr con artists fill our inbox with offers of fake followers and bots at greatly reduced prices. I get tempted every time, but I know better :-(

I have learned that social media marketing and content marketing are the keys to cut through. If you made it this far, then I hope you can take one more step to help support my life saving hobby.

The band is SuperZero. You can find us everywhere here:

Every listen, like and follow means a great deal to us.

What I'd really like, is for you to buy a ticket to our 1st show in London. We don't make any money from this, but we want to play. The reality is we will get us more gigs if we sell tickets. So find your way to Bowery by bow, The Beehive, on a Sat night Oct 15th (104 Empson St, London E3 3LT) then PLEASE use this link and buy yourself and a friend a ticket.... (Use this link so we get credit)

Come find me & we will have a few drinks after. I might even point to you from stage!


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