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Is it better for musicians to upload singles of songs or load a full album or EP?

This question torments me every time I put a new song up on Tunecore. If you're reading this its probably doing the same to you. I love albums. I want an album. I want to take people on a journey of my thoughts song by song, but the sad reality is that Spotify and Apple Music (iTunes) are not set up this way. My original idea was to post a single each month and use the momentum from the first to piggy back the second. The good news is, it may have worked. We are a new band with a low following, but have had over 12K listens across 3 songs in a few months. I'm not sure, but it seems to be higher than most bands I see.

The problem is the wait between new songs. Sound engineers seem to work on their own schedule. Thank goodness we recently found the talented Ian Caple who was able to turn our music around quickly. Now I ponder the same question again. I have 6 new songs to load. We already have 3 on Spotify and it probably wont be until January 2023 that we get back into the studio to lay more tracks. So what do I do? My decision is to load them all as singles...again. Song 1 to go live in 30 days, song 2 another 30 and so on. Our next 6 songs will take us to March 2023 when we should have more to load. My ultimate goal is to put them all on a vinyl album. I think I can go back to TuneCore and load it with album cover and album and the singles will stay. I think this is okay, but we will see. Do you know differently?? The conclusion I have made is that the streaming platforms are set up for singles.

The key decision factor for me: When I post a single to Spotify, I can submit it for a spot on an official playlist. Sadly almost 60K songs get posted per day, so it's a long shot, but definitely worth a try. If you post them as individual songs, then you have that many opportunities to get selected. If you post it as an album, they will only pick one song from the album. This and this alone is my key decision to upload singles. My cousin, Chad Rubin Music, had a single picked for a playlist which jumped him up 50K listeners with over 200K streams of one song. So the outcome for Super Zero would be a game changer.

I will post back with my findings from the test. The theory is if we get 1 new monthly listener for a song, then the 2nd song will be presented to them in a stream as a band they like. Then we secure the monthly listener for another month. We are at 118 right now on the road to 10K!! If you have some tunes and want us to listen like and follow please DM us in Instagram at and let us know what you want.

We would love follows and likes too use this and help us on our journey.

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Onwards and Upwards!



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