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SuperZero - The Rise of a Rock Band

Covid Lockdown was tough for everyone, but it seemed particularly extreme in the United Kingdom. The UK, where the politicians partied all day and night, snogged in back rooms and stole PPE money while their constituents were locked in their homes with a mere one hour of allotted exercise time. Fortunately, being essential, Super Zero Music, this new rock band was able to still rehearse according to the guidelines. As the band were coming to grips with their own mortality, they wanted to do something new. They wanted to make new rock music that they could be proud of. As the band saw it, there was no possibility they would ever become a wedding cover band. Maybe in the rare circumstance that a bride was ready to bring in some hard hitting rock and a little mayhem to her special day.

The band had a goal to make music that they loved. Hard hitting guitar riffs, power drums, complex bass lines and lyrics that connected with everyday life. When they started the lead guitarist, Neil Abnett, was either on his Les Paul Standard or his Gibson Flying V, Dom Bowers was on his Fender Bass and Brandon Keenen was playing drums in the back. The problem....they needed a singer! During a few jam sessions BK started to sing while playing the drums. In theory it made sense and sounded ok on straight 4/4 beats like Black Sabbath's Paranoid, or Neil Young's Rocking in the Free World, but when the band tried more complex songs like ZZ TOP's Just Got Paid or Five Finger Death Punches version of House of the Rising Sun the beats never really matched the lyrics, the tempo or anything for that matter. It sadly started sounding like a bop jam from Pearl and Dean. BK decided he was done with the skins and wanted to be the front man. If Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stoneage can do it, why not him?

As things unfolded, the band now needed a drummer. They needed a time keeper that could actually keep the time accurately. The Joinmyband website seemed like the perfect place to find a new skin man. The ad read: "SuperZero is looking for a Drummer. If you like Black Sabbath and Hard Rock Blues, then you are the drummer for us". On the second day of the post, a response comes in from the Cheesman. Martyn Cheesman answered the ad looking to get back into music after some time off. Fortunately for the others he is an incredible drummer with timing that could split atoms. It's not documented, but he didn't think much of the band at his first rehearsal. The singer, BK, was new to the mic and the place was a shit hole, but the songs were good. Down With The Rats was the very first song they played together.

Fast forward 2 years and BK has had a number of singing lessons, the band kept songwriting and building power riffs and chemistry. In 2022 their music was released on all platforms and the festival bookings are coming. Sign up for the email list to find out when SuperZeroMusic is in your town. They appreciate all of your support.


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